Wooster Mindcraft

WOOSTER MINDCRAFT got it's name from the many different faces this flower puts on. This daylily starts out as a single bloom with feathering. As each bloom opens it adds more tissue in the throat until it looks like a double. It being a mid season bloomer we have counted 12 buds on the first set of scapes with up to 16 on the reblooming scapes. Dark Lavender color. 28 " scape. 5" flower. Out of Lavender Blue Baby. Below are a few seedling out of Wooster Mindcraft. To our surprise Mindcraft threw out our newest cresting daylily. We have great hope for this daylily as a breeder for cresting daylilies. Mindcraft is dormant, it is pod fertile and pollen sterile. Mindcraft is listed at Wooster Garden for $75.00 double fan.

Wooster Hand of Judgment

WOOSTER HAND OF JUDGEMENT, is another one of our cream dips that we had to release. This is a 6" cream, heavy substance with a green throat, Dormant, 16 Buds, 2 laterals, 24" scape. Double Fan...... $75.00

Wooster In The Begining

WOOSTER IN THE BEGINING was the first daylily we decided to introduce. Wooster In The Begining has everything we were looking for in a daylily. Big 7" cream self, round bagle like form. Thick substance, big scape, dormant, 16 buds. Single Fan.........$75.00

Wooster Whispers Of Love

Wooster Whispers of Love is the begining of the reds we want to produce. This red holds well in 90+ temps which is what we are looking for in our reds. This 6" flower is a flat red w/water mark, on a 23" scape. 16 Buds yellow to green throut and fertil both ways. Double Fan.........$50.00